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I’m delighted to announce my fourth novel, “The Dead Can’t Talk”, will be published 12th May 2016 by Caffeine Nights. It’s a slight departure from the Joe Geraghty trilogy. I still want to explore my home city of Hull, not least because the winds of change are blowing through it, but I wanted to look at it through different eyes. Here’s the draft blurb.

“How far will Anna Stone, a disillusioned police officer on the brink of leaving her job, go to uncover the truth about her sister’s disappearance? Approached by Luke Carver, an ex-Army drifter she’s previously sent to prison, he claims to have information which will help her. As the trail leads from Hull and the Humber’s desperate and downtrodden to its great and good, an unsolved murder thirty years ago places their lives in danger, leaving Stone to decide if she can really trust a man who has his own reasons for helping.”

It was really exciting to start something new and develop a different series. Geraghty’s resting up, but sometimes certain characters suit certain stories. He may be back in the future. As ever, more ideas than time…

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